Identify your risks to cyber attacks in real-time. Simply deploy, click, and go.

Cybify utilises an automated network penetration testing platform to close the divide between the rising demand for Cyber Security services and the scarcity of resources. This software integrates conventional penetration testing expertise and techniques, delivering added value to organisations.

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The vPentest tool by Cybify carries out complete automated network penetration tests on infrastructure whenever required, ensuring organisations receive the utmost quality of penetration testing. This is made possible as the tool leverages a combination of various frameworks and extensive experience.

1. vPenTest can run at any time

This implies that you can conduct a penetration test without delays. In practical terms, you could initiate a test and receive the report within a week, a feat that is challenging with conventional methods.

2. Real-time Notifications

Timely notifications are consistently dispatched when the penetration test commences and concludes, ensuring key individuals are informed about ongoing activities. This feature is particularly advantageous for potential alert triggers.

3. Reports that Drive Results

vPentest's quality-centric reporting framework ensures highly informative reports. These reports encompass insights into risk impact on your organisation, peer comparisons, and progress from previous assessments.

4. Comeptitive Cost

The price of vPentest is very competitive when compared to traditional penetration tests but provides a lot more value for the same or smaller price point.

5. Transparency at your fingertips

Customers can always log into their portal to get a list of contacts involved in the project, communicate with the consultant, as well as get a progress update that provides preliminary results and expected completion dates.

6. Reduce Turnaround Time for Detection and Response

Tracking all actions, including consultant-led manual tasks, permits organisations to download an activity log for aligning with their SIEM and incident response protocols. This facilitates adjustments and control refinements, ultimately reducing detection and response time.