Proactive Cybersecurity Defence

Our 24/7 monitoring system creates an enhanced & proactive line of defence, with an additional layer of network security.


Is your defence strong?

If you were hacked, do you have the team in place to help us defend your organisation?​

Cybify Defence equips your organisation with the tools & team you need to stay one step ahead of Cyber criminals.

Our 24/7 monitoring system creates visibility of any security
incidents & we help train your staff to be aware of potential
threats – fortify & educate.​

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End Point Protection

Email Filtration

Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Dark Web Monitoring

Outcomes a client can expect

Data Protection

Clients understand the importance of safeguarding critical business data and want a cyber security service that will do everything possible to avoid a data breach occurring. A data breach can break customer trust and reputation, involve regulatory issues, and financial penalties. This is the primary driver.

Peace of Mind

Having a robust cyber security setup, a plan of what to do if an incident occurs, and a team to resolve any incidents, gives clients the peace of mind to know whatever occurs they will be okay.

Minimise Disruptions

Avoiding an outage caused by a cyber security attack is a key client outcome. An advanced attack can render a business completely unable to function unless they are properly prepared with response and remediation plans.

Cyber Insurance

To be eligible for Cyber Insurance clients need to be able to demonstrate the steps they are taking to protect their business. The services Cybify provide are a documented way to show this.

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