Security Event Management

A unified monitoring system that alerts & reports on potential threats & breaches. Coverage for Windows & Mac computers, o365, Azure, firewalls, & network devices.


Detecting IT systems Intruders

How can you monitor all your devices to respond as quickly as possible to threats?​

Cybify Monitor provides an additional level of risk mitigation, our 24/7 alerts & reporting means that when there is an intruder in your network or systems, you know – monitor & react fast.​

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Hubify Security Management SaaS

Outcomes a client can expect

Risk Mitigation

With this service in place we add an additional level of risk mitigation, even if the first layers of defence miss the threat we can detect it and resolve it.

Top Tier Security

Adding security event monitoring to a clients environment brings their security posture to a very high level, they will be safe from the majority of threats.

Peace of Mind

Customers can be uncertain as to how secure their environment is or how effective their security systems are, by monitoring it we can give some peace of mind.

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