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Cybify has the ideal cybersecurity solution for SMBs. We can help protect your most valuable business assets, your people & your data.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What would happen if you were hacked & lost access to all of your IT systems & data?

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Proactive CyberSecurity Defence

If you were hacked, do you have the team in place to help us defend your organisation?

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Security Event Management

How can you monitor all your devices to respond as quickly as possible to threats?​

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Cyber Governance

Do you need a high level of security in a complex & ever-evolving IT environment?​

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Cybersecurity Audit

Do you have a comprehensive understanding of your IT infrastructure & associated risks?

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Cyber Advisory

Are you aware of the Essential 8 framework & is your organisation is on the right Cyber Security path?

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Essential 8 Framework

Simplifying the cybersecurity roadmap

By understanding this framework, organisations can
implement security measures to prevent or detect attacks and protect their data.

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for a comprehensive cyber audit

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